Business with La Rescalta is an opportunity to contribute directly to the evolution of people's economy, through a new form of money and impact millions of people around the world, through multiple businesses, sectors, industries and technologies.
It is an opportunity to be part of something incredible.


Sense of belonging

You are responsible and recognized for your work, leading a project from its conception to its launch.

Team player

We work quickly and collaboratively, putting aside our individual egos for the benefit of the team.

High performance

You work fast to make the most impact, without compromising on quality.


You share our passion for achieving Tander's vision and want to make a difference.


You show a positive attitude. Your behavior inspires others to overcome difficult challenges.

Community oriented

You agree to be a community manager and provide individualized care. You pay attention to details and understand what users want.

Thanks to the community

You can make all the collaborations that you think are appropriate, always with respect and education, friends, social networks, recommendations,.